About me:

Let’s start with now and then go back. In Heaven for Awhile makes me an 85 year old first time novelist. At my age a detailed look at my life would take as long as it did to write the novel. So here’s  a quick glance:

Went into the the Army just after high school near the end of the Korean War. My college was the Army.

I was sent to Germany as part of the World War II occupation forces.

The bulk of my civilian career was in broadcasting, mainly radio and bit of television, all in Oakland, California and Los Angeles.

My wife of 56 years gave me three wonderful daughters.

While in radio station work and after I was the broadcast consultant for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Then came my one man play Meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald.

And now the novel, In Heaven for Awhile, to be found on Amazon.

So here we are back at 85.


Just a note about my writing:

For theatre I wrote the one man play, Meeting F. Scott Fitzgerald, in which the author tells the story of his life. The New York Times said of the play, “This rich and textured exploration of Fitzgerald’s eventful life allows literature fans the unique opportunity to look into the mind of the man responsible for some of the greatest literature of the 20th Century.”

Examples of my short stories include:

At the Waterfall, about an old man’s attempt to build self confidence in a lonely young girl.

The Suit, about a salesman who travels to New New York in a new suit that nearly ends his career.

I am at work on my next novel dealing with the adventures of an American army intelligence officer in Germany just a few years after world war II.

Stay tuned.


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